There are many ways to help change lives, but PADS Breeder Caretakers are a passionate group who will tell you that they have the best and toughest volunteer role at PADS. They are also quick to remind that they do it again and again because of the many rewards.

Some of those rewards include supporting a sweet, highly trained momma dog (chosen because she’s ‘the cream of the crop’ in terms of health and temperament!) through her breeding career, as well as welcoming tiny, blind and deaf newborns into your home and helping them transform over 8 weeks into playful, curious, confident assistance dog candidates. PADS covers all costs related to supporting the breeding dog – from vet care and medical clearances to dog food and equipment. We are with you every step of the way with training, support and a caring community of fellow breeder caretakers.

We’re looking for volunteers who:

  • are willing to learn and follow PADS policies and guidelines for the care and rearing of our smallest pups
  • live within a 1.5 hour drive of our Burnaby Campus and Burquitlam vet clinic
  • have access to the outdoors (i.e. house, townhouse, ground level condo with private outdoor space)
  • can be home (or have another adult household member home) every day for the entire 8 weeks the litter is on the ground OR are willing to welcome trained ‘litter sitter’ volunteers in their home to care for puppies when they are out or at work

Think Breeder-Caretaking might be for you? Check out the ‘comparison chart’ below, and the link to our application, which will connect you to one of our staff to learn more about this unique volunteer role.