PADS Care Fund

Segment 1: Emergency Care

Welcome to the first in our series of 6 PADS Care Fund articles. The average pet owner (fortunately) will see a limited number, if any, dog emergencies or weird canine illnesses in their lifetime. For PADS, managing 250+ dogs at any given time means we see “weird things” in greater numbers.  This means that our team has relationships built with emergency care providers in all regions, as well as some of the best veterinary specialists in Western Canada helping care for the health and well being of our dogs.

Our volunteers and clients are supported 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year in the case of an accident or illness involving a PADS dog. We have a Registered Veterinary Technician, Kaylie Foster, on staff to respond to emergencies and coordinate veterinary care.


Dax is a handsome guy, full of smarts and enthusiasm. He loves to train and is learning to tug doors open and closed – working through his advanced training with Accredited Instructor Rob in Nanaimo.
Late last year, Dax woke up lame one morning, unable to move. The PADS team sprung into action to get him the care he needed. Quickly he was referred to be seen by our friends at Canada West Veterinary Specialists in Vancouver, and after a battery of tests they discovered that he has a rare bacterial infection in his spinal column.
The treatment: High power prescription medication for 6 months and some rest and TLC until he’s feeling himself again. This treatment will save his life.

Burquitlam Vet Clinic Veterinarians welcome 4 new puppies in training.

We are able to provide this kind of immediate, responsive care because of donors like you that give each year to our care fund.


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