Banff was being raised and trained to be an assistance dog for someone with a physical disability or who is deaf or hard-of-hearing but in October, 2014, she was chosen for the PADS breeding program. Banff had her maximum of litters and contributed 26 puppies to training programs at PADS and other schools within the Assistance Dogs International Breeding Cooperative.  Banff is now retired and living the life of a pampered pet with her breeder-caretaker family.

It truly takes a village to raise a puppy and you can be part of the PADS village – all donations raised through this page go directly towards our veterinary care fund to ensure that PADS puppies are healthy and happy. Help support PADS today.


Breed:Labrador Retriever (Female)

Birthdate:November 1, 2012

Dam:PADS Santini

Sire:PADS Buffett

Puppy-Raisers:Lori Gunson

Caretakers:Lori Gunson

Whelping Home:Lee Magis & Sharlene Syer

Litter:PADS Provincial Parks Litter

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