This month looked very different for me as I didn’t spend much time with my raiser. She had school things to do so each week she packed up a bag of my things and brought me to a puppy sitter. I had the opportunity to stay with 4 different sitters, 1 each week. I spent time learning all about living with young kids, cats, and other dogs. I had good days and some bad days but Hooman told me they each reported that I was an excellent snuggle buddy and was a very sweet boy!

I am trying my best to work on my loose leash walking but I find it so hard with all the interesting smells and things that distract me in the distance. This means that I’ve been going on lots of walks in many different places. Some in high distraction areas like near dog parks, busy trails, and parks, or in low distraction areas such as neighbourhood walks or in familiar places.

Submitted By: Emily Nelson