Awoo to all my furiends and hoomans. It has been another busy month of training, walks and treats. Have I told you that I like treats? Woof, woof and woof do I ever like treats!

At puppy class we have been practicing our cues, working on duration and learning how to meet other doggos and humans. My raisers know I really like other dogs so this is an important skill for me to learn and master. I am getting better at it but still get excited if I get too close to the other doggos.

With the nice weather, I got to spend lots of time outside snoofling around the backyard and trying out a new dog bed. I also got to go on some trail walks and tried my paws at swimming. Swimming was a great way to cool off on hot days and have fun but I am still getting the hang of it and do a lot of splashing. I also went to a thing. My hoomans said it was the Chilliwack Summer Fair. I met PADS puppies in training Fernie and Shadow at the fair. We practiced walking as a group and walking through tight spaces. There were lots of hoomans. Big ones, small ones and all very close to me. I had to work hard to keep my focus on my raiser as I really liked the small hoomans. At the fair, I really got to snoofle the smells. Have I told you that I have an excellent snoofler? I saw lots of funny-looking and smelling dogs. My raiser said they weren’t dogs but different farm animals. I have seen horses but only from far away. This time there were horses, cows, chickens and bunnies. And they were close. It was snoofle heaven. I wasn’t too sure about being close to them so my raiser let me decide how close I could get.

After the fair, I went home had a long nap and dreamed about my adventure. Toward the end of the month, I started to get tired and wanted to sleep lots. My hoomans thought I was growing and growing puppies need lots of rest. Boy did I fool them! Perhaps the joke is on me as now I have to wear phancy phants when I am in the house and I can’t go with my hoomans to the stores and visits. But they told me it wouldn’t last too long and I would be soon back to being a busy puppy. So it is time to find a nice warm sunspot, curl up and have yet another nap.

‘Til next time…zzzz

Submitted by: Ross Spenard