This month I was at school for two weeks and then got to go on holidays. I learned to sleep in and took lots of midday naps. I got to go on longer walks in our neighbourhood and got to play in the snow in the field near my house, too! Snow’s fun. I’m getting more stamina, and so mom and dad took me down to the river where I got to walk and see big dogs (horses) in the field. They looked kinda like me, only bigger – much bigger! I’ve been learning some new things this month. Now, when mom and dad say “Bed,” I know that means I go and lay down on my bed in the living room. Sometimes I get confused, but I’m getting better at it. I also know what “Touch” and “Kennel” mean, too. It’s fun learning. While I don’t know the word that goes with it yet, mom and dad are having me practice sitting and standing quite a bit these days.

Submitted by: Anderson