This was another great month! I got to continue going to school with dad, and then he said it was time for spring break. I asked mom and dad if maybe I could go and have some new experiences, and they said “yes.” It was awesome! I got to go and spend two weeks with a different set of humans, and they had another PADS dog! I got to play and train and go to the dog park and ride in the elevator and go for car rides and play, and it was awesome! Did I mention that they had another dog!

I’m still working on some of the things, and mom and dad say that I’m getting better at it, is loose leash walking and ignoring other dogs when I’m on walks. I’m also continuing to get better at knowing the difference between what some words mean (although I still sometimes get “bed” and “kennel” confused).

I’m looking forward to another fun month. Dad says it’s time to go back and see the students again, and I can’t wait!

Submitted by: Anderson