Wow, wow, wow! This has been an exciting month – so many changes!

I left my siblings and my mom and my first house and have come to a new home. At first I was scared, I’d never been away from my mom before, but then I found out that this new home had a cat, just like my old home. I love the cat (and he loves me too!) Sometimes we get to play together, and I’m learning to be gentle with him, ’cause I’m already bigger than he is.

I get to put on my bright yellow vest and go to work with my human and it’s fun. We get to see lots of kids at school, and I’m learning how to be calm and relaxed when he’s teaching his students.

I’m working on learning my name: Alina! When I hear it, I’m supposed to look at whoever is saying it. I’m starting to get kinda good at that, but I sometimes forget and just want to chase the cat, or the leaves, or the cat. Did I mention, there’s a CAT at this house? Oh, so much fun being a puppy!

Submitted by: Anderson