October was a busy month for me. I got to visit Vancouver Island again and ride on a big ferry boat. This time my big sis PADS Anna was not there to help me out, but I think I managed okay on my own. I continue to work on all aspects of my training, including going to the grocery store and keeping calm around other dogs in my neighborhood. I got to blow off steam at Pacific Spirit Park and enjoy a lovely walk with my raisers in the sunshine. They were so proud of me because I recalled so well, did not chase any birds, and I did not bark at anything! Closer to the end of the month, a bunch of crazy things started showing up around my neighborhood. Plastic bones that were not for playing with and other spooky things that moved strangely in the wind. My raisers told me all about this thing called “Halloween” and not to be frightened of the sounds and movements made by these things. And guys, you would not believe the crazy stuff that happened on the last night of the month! My raisers were so proud that I handled myself well for being such a young and rambunctious puppy. To follow my adventures, check out my Instagram @PadsAlmond 

Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik