Mealy Bug has been learning what life with Lydia is like. Not slow.
She came in the midst of a big family move, a full time job, and prior engagements.
In her first week, she has been to see Indian Horse at the theatre (she highly recommends it); shopped at Save On, BCLS, Apple Store; helped me change my address at ICBC (and pay a No-U-turn parking ticket … not allowed in BC!!); and been to work at Chapters Metrotown for a full 5 days. All the staff, management included, have assisted in helping Amelia adjust to life in a bookstore. Thanks everyone for being her village!

Right now, we are working on basic clicker skills, and looking at her raiser, and walking in that sweet spot.

One of the pictures we uploaded is of this little sweetie saying hi to my last puppers, Quince, as I said goodbye to her. I think Amelia is a lionheart after all.

Submitted by: Lydia Stepanovic