January was a tough month as Raiser Diana had an accident and was unable to care for Andre. PADS’ emergency team did a fantastic job arranging for Andre to go to sitters. He has spent most of the month with a wonderful family. Andre has been in their home a number of times before, and he always has a fantastic time. They are a busy family, and Andre has enjoyed some unique outings, accompanying them to numerous activities, even including getting up the local mountain to watch ski lessons!

Andre has continued to hone his cues and charm everyone he meets.
This is the last Pupdate Raiser Diana will be writing because all of the hard work put in by Andre, Diana, numerous amazing sitters, trainer Tracy and supporters in the PADS community has paid off! Andre has been accepted into Advanced Training.

The next phase of Andre’s adventure begins NOW. Although we are saddened to no longer see Andre regularly, we knew this was his path to walk to become the best he can be.

We wish Andre well, secure in the fact he will be forever changing the lives of those he meets on his PADS path.

Submitted by: Diana Bunyk