October was a fun-filled month for Andre. He started staying with a sitter family with a young son, and he and Andre hit it off big time. Andre helped with his homework, went to his soccer game and even watched him get a haircut. The parents were wonderful too. They were working with Andre on his cues and taking him to all sorts of places for training and walks. Andre has met some fabulous people who volunteer with PADS!

PADS partners with Douglas College Coquitlam’s Veterinary Nursing patient volunteer program. This is a wonderful experience for PADS pups, but it also helps these students become our next-generation vet professionals. Andre had his first opportunity to volunteer and spent a whole day at the campus lab meeting wonderful students and having lots of ‘hands-on him’ experience. The main focus of the day was eyes. The students loved Andre, saying he was a great patient.

Thanksgiving with the family was held at our home this year, so little Miss Shadow (a mature petite Sheba Inu, American Eskimo cross, which comes with attitude) and Andre had some time together. Shadow doesn’t like many other dogs, and Andre’s energy is a bit high, but he was very respectful, and both settled well as the night went on.

We had many outings ourselves, coffees & dinners with friends, a field trip with our trainer to Home Depot (where Andre rocked each request), informal training sessions with friends, and accompanying Raiser Diana to the Dentist & hairdresser. Andre followed suit and had a bath, brushing, and blowout topped off with a pawdicure.

Andre attended a Halloween PADS party with our trainer and about 10 other PADS dogs and their raisers. Everyone dressed up, and we had played some fun training games and ate yummy treats. What a great way to wrap up the month!

Submitted by: Diana Bunyk