Well, it has been over 6 weeks now without getting nose-to-nose with another dog (or receiving a pat or rub from a non-family human).  So finally I had a couple of play/train/belated birthday dates with two of my PADS buddies (one at a time) but still no non-family touching and that’s okay.

I have been primarily walking a lot on leash and I am getting better and better at keeping a loose leash and also ignoring other dogs we walk by.  If I am being well behaved, I get some off-leash time in the valley, which is extra fun this time of year as there are some streams and puddles to gallop through!!

I am getting lots of different kennel exposure with my new collapsible kennel – inside, outside, with family around or not. I now get kennelled during online yoga sessions as I started to steal the show…and the yoga mat!!

I will continue to perfect my loose leash walking and dog distraction, as well as to help search for a command for “stop shedding”!   Happy Spring Everyone!!

Submitted By: Kristen Rawluk