Well it’s September and I am still here in the Okanagan waiting for “the call“!  However, I continue to work on my basic training Skills as well as having lots of well-mannered exposure to dogs and cats (Not play dates, just hanging out).

I have been keeping busy with a nice combination of work and play.  I’ve got out camping again to my favourite lake, squeezed in a few more golf games (I finally got to drive the cart!), went cider tasting with alpacas, went to a goat cheese factory with a concrete wiener dog bench I practiced my perch on, went to work with dad for a few days and I also stopped in to Total Pet in Vernon (my wonderful puppy sponsor) to say hello and check out their new displays!!

I will keep up with my training while enjoying this extended bout of hot weather and snuggling with Lady Bug … and “Mom & Dad”!”

Submitted by: Kristen Rawluk – Lee Ranger