I really love this snow and ice stuff, but I still love my muddy hikes also!! I got to ride the ferry again this month and even found my own port hole to look through – what a fun ride and cool sunset.

Had my first Christmas in Victoria and I was somewhere different everyday – ducks, dogs, ocean, city, trails, pubs, visiting… and got to wear a festive outfit one day just for Grampa and show off all my skills numerous times!! I got an awesome ‘bone cushion’ from Santa. (Well, I kinda picked it out myself!)

Still struggling a bit with my new teenage body. I lose my focus when I see other dogs, but I do calm down after a bit and mom and dad say that I am getting a bit better. We are practicing more off-leash time and I stay really close and regularly check in with eye contact, but when we get too close to another dog I seem to go deaf… We are working on this and expect that my hearing will improve in the next month or two…

Submitted By: Kristen Rawluk & Lee Ranger