I got to go tobogganing in the mountains and it was totally cool, literally. I even went down for a short ride by myself on a baby hill. However, it was more fun when I was steering with mom and dad on the toboggan too.

I went bowling and it was kinda weird as no one sat still for very long, and it was loud with lots going on, but we had dinner there after and I did a “go in” for the rest of the evening.

We went on a mini wine tour in West Kelowna and I discovered that I prefer red wine paired with my kibble, and the white is much better when I have a carrot. (Ha ha, I wish!!!)

I am continuing to get better with loose leash walking, except when I see another dog. It’s worse the closer I am, so mom and dad are working on finding where my threshold is to be able to disengage.

I am also working on “side” and loose leash walking on the right. It makes me have to think more (mom and dad too), but I seem to pull less, as a result… for now.

Submitted By: Kristen Rawluk & Lee Ranger