February was a mix of everything – snow, warmth, friends, fun and refining commands.  I got to meet two brand new PADS puppies – had dinner with one and a snowy hike with the other!  I also got to meet a bunch of new people including my niece and her friend.  I went out for lunch a couple times.  I got to practice smell distraction (and weigh myself) at the new animal hospital down the street.  I went to Silver Star mountain and walked up and down and across a lot of metal grates.  I’ve been working on more duration tasks, even chin with kibble on my nose.  I seem to be learning to react appropriately to certain situations without having to be given a command.  I never ‘bolted ‘ to say hi to another dog on our hikes this past month, but I wasn’t really given the opportunity…though I tried once as I thought I was off leash!!  Oh and I got to dress up for anti-bullying day!!

Submitted By: Kristen Rawluk