Nothing too overly exciting in July.  We went camping & fishing up in the mountains. I had a couple new play dates – one with my little Total Pet sponsor-sister, Silver.  She’s only 12 weeks old, and I was really gentle with her…most of the time!!  She could hold her own!

Maddie, the cat, is getting more tolerable of me, but if I get too excited she lets me know that she is the boss!  When I am driving in the SUV now, I am more interested in watching where we are going, but still have to remember that I do not belong anywhere in the front, even if I am looking cute!!

In regards to training, I am really starting to mature and can obey commands with fewer reminders or second cues.  I really like “wait” now, especially on walks, at an intersection or street crossing!  However, I am still quite motivated by other animals.  I am able to listen and respond fully if playing or around a regular play mate, but I still want to run and say hello to new dogs.

I continue to be amazed with butterflies, as you can see in the photo (he got away, if you are wondering), and now I think chipmunks and squirrels are quite intriguing.  Will have to work on that to nip it in the bud!!

Submitted By: Kristen / Lee Rawluk / Ranger