June was a super busy month of events!

  • It started with a fashion show in Salmon Arm, with proceeds for PADS.  Mom tried to make me look dapper in a proper shirt (and bow tie). 
  • Next was my big sister’s high school graduation, and was also the first time that I have been in an arena (for 3 hours yet!)
  • Then there was a PADS event at the drive-in.  I thought I had a great seat, but I was facing the wrong way apparently!
  • I got to relax on a fun adventure day up in the mountains, and I got to swim in TWO lakes…with my mouth closed this time!!
  • And finally there was the Pride Parade where I let my colours shine bright 🙂

In regards to my training, I am still working on my loose leash walking, and trying to tone down my keen interest in people who come to the door, or when I see certain people (primarily PADS people).

Submitted By: Kristen Lee Rawluk Ranger