June was quite a full month!  I had a 2 night sleepover at a new place at the start of the month and the feedback I got was great!  I also had a 24 hour swap with another PADS pup, along with a few safe training/play sessions and a bit of a dusty pool party!

I have been out golfing a number of times as well as participating in my 3rd ALS Golfathon for Daddio DAVE!

I got to visit my girlfriend, Sophie’s, place twice – while safely expanding my social bubble!

I have gone on a couple hikes, but shortened, as there are more wild animals out and about and grumpy deer with babies.


I started going into stores again in my cape and I remembered how to behave like a gentleman!

I’m learning that more and more good things can happen with the word YES (instead of just hearing ‘release’)!!!  I really like to problem solve, such as when two or three play items get purposely tied together (I patiently separate them again).

I continue to get better everyday with dog distraction, but I like to smell more things outside now for some reason, so I am really working on controlling my nose!

Submitted By: Kristen/Lee Rawluk/Ranger