Gamma came to visit this month and she had never met me before. I think I won her over. Once she learned my training commands, she was my number one training gal for the last couple weeks! Her favorite command was FOCUS, especially when I was on my ‘jump-on’ table. I think she’s gonna miss me!! People keep telling me that I am going to grow into my skin, but they have been saying that for almost 10 months now!! I hope it happens soon as my neck folds are a rather popular target during play dates!!

In regards to my training, I have almost mastered “side” in just over a few weeks of training, but need to shimmy my butt in a little closer! I am also working on my duration “sit”. I have made it to 5 minutes a few times, but now mom and dad want to make me do it without giving me a kibble every 30 seconds.

Submitted By: Kristen Rawluk & Lee Ranger