What a month March has been! I have been going on long daily leash walks and have not had a play date or touched the nose of another dog for over three weeks now! Thank goodness for my amazing dinner date with Sophie at the beginning of the month where I was definitely not doggie-distancing, yet I was being very respectful of exhibiting good house manners. I am also thankful for a road trip to Big White earlier in the month and got to see really big horses! I am enjoying all of the amazing sidewalk signs I am seeing on my street walks like, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” I am also very grateful for this extra-special time spent with my loving and caring raisers, a.k.a. mom and dad!

The last few weeks have been great for fine tuning all of my commands and practicing loose leash walking. I am definitely getting extra time with practicing the business-on-command, “better go” whether I am taken across the street before my breakfast or on leash in the back yard with mom/dad sitting in a chair until I go! It has truly been a month of gratitude.

Submitted By: Kristen-Lee Rawluk