Well, it has been another month of firsts…and then some.
I had my first dog visitor in my house (a 4 month old border collie puppy) and we were pretty well behaved for 5 hours!
I had my first sleepover (uncle Brian’s) with other dogs.
I was given my very own cozy sherpa blankie, and I am lovin’ it!!!
I am really enjoying my cardboard tunnels – I run through them, I play in them, I hide in them and I occasionally try to eat them!
Although I consider myself a sun/heat dog, I am really starting to love this snow/winter stuff! However, it does weird things to my water bowl! I like it though!!!
In regards to my training, I am constantly making progress. However, I still have a weakness for distractions, primarily other dogs. Also my sense of smell has greatly intensified and, especially when off leash, I usually want to finish sniffing before I respond to my commands.

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Kristen – Lee Rawluk – Ranger