October was a month of many firsts!
Mom was out of the country for 17 days 🙁 so dad and I were bacheloring it!!! 🙂
I got to see and feel and eat snow, way up the mountain during a fun back country adventure day (for safety during hunting season I had to wear orange;)!!
I dressed up like a lady bug (and liked it) for my first Halloween. However, after about the 20th trick-or-treater I ditched my wings and went to bed, as I was too tired from running up and down the stairs and sticking my head in all of their goody bags:)
I also got to stay with my first puppy sitter for 3 nights! (I must have eaten something bad in the pumpkin patch, but it was fun!)
My recall is getting better and better, but still a ways to go when in public with other dogs around (I am getting a bit more focused at puppy class though). I have been working hard on my stationary sit-stand-down and I think I got it licked!!!

Submitted by: Kristen Lee/Rawluk