We are working hard on my basic obedience these days and mom and dad figure I am doing very well, except I pull on the leash still until I get focused. Other dogs, blowing leaves, and butterflies are my weakness.

I have been to Victoria this month, on the ferry boat after the longest car ride of my life so far. We stayed at Gramma’s house and she was really proud of my manners. I got to swim in the ocean while I was there, was it ever cold and salty. Golf is one of my favorite sports. They call me a scratch golfer and I am an expert Power Cart rider. I also got to go on a wine tour this month.

As Fall sets in deeper, I realize I am definitely a sun dog, and it is getting more and more difficult to find that magic sun beam coming in to the house in the morning. However, I have learned that the heat register is my best friend when I am not cuddling on Momma’s or Daddy’s lap.

Submitted By: Kristen Rawluk & Lee Ranger