Arrow II Feb 2016 FB_IMG_1456459809715 adjFebruary has been all about LOVE for me!!

Firstly, I’ve fallen in love. I’m head over tail googly-eyed for PADS Breeding Dog Halo. Here I am whispering sweet nothings into her ear during one of our playdates. It’s mutual, I swear – she was loving that tender ear grooming I gave her for Valentine’s Day!

Secondly, it was #pinkshirtday on Feb 24th, for anti-bullying. I got to do my part to spread some love and awareness, by hosting a local school’s Amazing Race challenge at MummaKelsey’s office!

Students solved a riddle to arrive in our office and ask for yours truly. From there, they completed an ‘Ask & Answer’ challenge, learning some trivia about PADS and assistance dogs in general. I got to show off my two favourite skills I’m working on: ‘touch’ (I touch my nose to Mumma’s hand… this prepares me for tasks later in life like turning lights on and off with my nose) and ‘target’ (hitting a target with my paw… this prepares me for tasks like pressing buttons). The students brought us very sweet hand-written notes folded up as origami hearts, and these made my day.

From Alcuin College’s Principal, Darcey Riley, and one of their teachers, Krista Tulloch…

Arrow II Feb 2016 20160224_111832 sml“70 students and 16 staff and parents from Alcuin College ventured out into the community to complete the first Alcuin College Amazing Race in recognition of National Bully Prevention Day. Our goal was to focus on what we know is the antidote to bullying – belonging – by working together to solve challenges in our neighbourhood.

“Student teams created improv skits, shovelled sand, created centrepieces and shared treats with transit operators. Together they laughed, picked up litter and handed out paper hearts to pedestrians. At the end of the race, ice cream in the park provided a chance for teams to share their experiences on the different race routes. The students’ written reflections of the day capture the spirit of the day’s best.

“‘The Alcuin Amazing Race was AMAZING! I loved seeing everyone’s faces. Everyone was so happy when they got the hearts and candy.  I remember I gave a heart to a homeless man and he started to cry.  My favourite place to visit was the HOpe Centre because it was quiet and we got to plant flowers.’
Mackenzie, grade 5

“‘The thing I liked most about the Amazing Race was making new friends. I also liked getting to know other grades and giving out hearts because it made my day and someone else’s day.’
Anika, grade 5

“We thank each of your organizations for the warm welcome, support of our belief in the importance of belonging, and most of all, your time.
• HOpe Blenz Cafe
• North Vancouver City Fire Department
• Presentation House Theatre
• City of North Vancouver
• North Vancouver City Library
• Harry Jerome Recreation Centre
• St Andrew’s Preschool
• North Shore Neighbourhood House Childcare Centre
• John Braithwaite Community Centre
• Centennial Theatre
• North Shore Community Arts Council
• Naomi Yamamoto, MLA
• North Vancouver RCMP
• Translink
• Montessori Mes Petits Daycare
• Smart Investments – special shout out to PADS puppy-in-training Arrow!”

Spread the love, everyone! Belonging, not bullying <3

Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Arrow II, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kelsey Smart.