One of the biggest challenges we overcome as pups-in-training is behaving well in restaurants. All those smells and distractions, and sometimes even snacky tidbits on the floor. Yikes, those are tough to resist for an 11-month-old pup! But I’m getting better all the time, working hard at my self-control. Lots of positive reinforcement from Mumma for ignoring all the temptations!
Well, on this particular visit, we were at McDonald’s to REALLY test my self-restraint. I was behaving myself beautifully even though nomnommy food smells are my kryptonite. And then… then, I lost my crackers, barking, jumping backwards, alerting everyone to the big, bad, scary Ronald McDonald statue on the bench!!! Now, I’m a pupper who takes most novel, strange stimuli in stride but THIS got me! The good news is I quickly befriended Ronald when Mum sat beside him and invited me to see that he’s okay. And ta-da, here’s our friendy photo!!

Submitted By: Kelsey Smart