AVERY continues to work on maintaining appropriate focus and manners when other dogs are barking or lunging near him. He has been getting out for lots of on-leash walks around campus and in any other areas where many dogs can be found. Avery is a great role model for all the new pups entering advanced training. He is calm and steady in the kennel and shows the young kids how it’s done! This month, Avery has been working on how to identify and interrupt a handler in a negative emotional state. He is great at resting his chin on someone’s lap to get their attention. When he is not working hard, Avery enjoys a good game of tug with Lisa or a nice romp in the yard with buddies Zaria and Tako.

  • Skills being learned: Anxiety interruption behavior, applying body pressure, maintaining all basic obedience and public access manners.
  • Recent field trips: New Westminster Quay, 6th and 6th New West, Ikea, Petsmart, Lougheed Mall.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Dog distraction, particularly when other dogs are excited in his direction, olfactory distraction.
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Avery!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Lisa Davis