Our brindal boy has many talents and an infectious personality. He has spent many hours with elementary, middle and high school children. He spent his early months going in and out of the hospital visiting our elderly family member. He loves learning new challenges and master them quickly.

He is very social and loves people very much. He’s always ready for an adventure of shopping or appointments, every morning, if need be.
Loves being around people. Everyone from the tallest, biggest man, with the deepest voice, to the two-year-old child that tackles him… Avery happily greets them and treats them with with love.

He has no fear…gladly walks on grates or surfaces of any kind and eagerly takes on new challenges and owns them as quick as I can think them up. He is quiet and calm in the home setting, he will settle when told and is friendly and gentle to all the dogs that come for short stays at our home. He also can find his toy (sight or smell) if I hide it in one of our seven rooms (top floor). Avery can go find it and bring it back to me every time. Also, picks up his leash when asked to Take it! 

Such a lovely brindle boy!

Submitted By: Shelly and Evan Orloff