Axel has been enjoying his summer.  He continues to be an excellent big brother to Huey and loves helping Huey with his commands.  Axel continues to work on all his commands and fine tuning the things he is learning in Zoom Puppy Classes.

Due to COVID, Axel’s time is spent mostly quietly.  He’s been enjoying a lot of leash walking and is doing excellent with his loose leash.  He’s been hiking in the forest off-leash and is excellent at staying within about 3 meters of us.  We are so fortunate to have no predators on Bowen Island, so hiking is very relaxing.


Axel golfs about 3 times a week. He’s a huge hit on the golf course – everyone is super impressed with his ability to maintain himself and hold his duration commands.  He loves a quick swim at the beach but then prefers to work on his tan.  He still gets a little excited when given a greet command and has problems keeping his tongue inside his mouth. He’s a quirky guy that loves working and learning.  He’s ready for university and wants to kick COVID to the curb!

Submitted By: Jennifer Harris