Bailey had a very busy month with new activities. Since we had planned a trip to Seattle to 3 baseball games and were taking Bailey, Bill took her for a day of transit and downtown Vancouver training. They rode the Westcoast Express, sky trains, city buses. They walked around Stanley park and went for lunch and then home to White Rock with more transit.
We started our Seattle weekend by taking the Amtrak train from Vancouver to Seattle. We staying in a hotel. She settled very well at night in a new situation. The ballgames were extremely busy with crowed situations from the time we boarded transit until we got back to the hotel. The first game was the first time we have had Bailey in an area with lots of cheering. The first few times, she got up from her down and looked but settled again quickly. By the time we were at the third game, she slept through all the cheering and excitement. She was excellent with her focus and loose leash walking through crowds and over food. Bailey exceeded our expectations of her the entire weekend. We had anticipated more signs of stress or discomfort from her but she performed like she had done that type of thing many times before. She was also excellent in restaurants etc. that entered.

We had relatives visiting for 10 days. They had a 1 year old baby. I don’t think Bailey had been around a baby before but she was great. The baby played around her and even climbed a bit on her and she was always calm.

Submitted By: Pat and Bill McIntosh