Bandit II Sept5My raisers are a busy family of humans who never seem to stay still. We live in a house in a suburb of Langley, where there are lots of nice places to go for walks, and LOTS of neighbourhood dogs to sniff and greet along the way. We go in the shiny moving things a lot to places like Vancouver, South Surrey, Port Moody and Bellingham. I even went to a place called Nat Bailey’s and watched far away humans throw balls and try to hit them. For hours. Go figure. There were lots of things to look at and smell, and the little human in the seat behind us kept trying to sneak me popcorn, but my raisers wouldn’t let me have it. SOO not fair.
Bandit II Sept3
The tallest human is Scott. He’s a very busy man who calls me “B-Dawwwg” and who takes me to his office sometimes at the church he works at and on walks at Crescent Beach. He bought me a really cool doggie couch at Costco, and I love it and have a hard time getting off of it sometimes. It’s much nicer than the hard floors and even nicer than my crate and so sometimes it takes a long time for him to convince me to go to bed in my crate. I do accept kibble bribes, of course.
Bandit II Sept1
The shortest human is Jenn, who is also a very busy human and who takes me with her to business meetings in coffee shops, on lots of walks in the neighbourhood and also to her church services sometimes where I have to sit on the floor for a long time. She calls me all sorts of names, including “Sweet-Pea”. I just tilt my head at her when she blithers on because I mostly don’t understand what she’s talking about, (unless she asks me if I want my dinner),  but she’s really good at cuddles and I have to race over to greet her first thing each morning by making sure I lick her knee. It’s just how I roll.
Bandit II Sept2
The other two humans are tall and noisy.  Emma is the older one and Sarah is the younger. Emma thinks I have too many yucky germs, but she will pat me – carefully-  sometimes and talks to me in a high-pitched voice. She doesn’t like it when I take her stuff. (I don’t know why, I’m just trying to play.) She dances around a lot and sometimes takes me on walks, and makes a really big deal about it if I lick her face, which I try to do often just to see her reaction.
Bandit II Sept4
 Sarah picks me up a lot, but I’m getting heavy, so sometimes she sits down on the floor and puts me on her lap and plays with my paws. She shrieks “Hi Puppeeeeeee!” every few minutes and sometimes lies on my couch with me, giving me lots of nice cuddles. (She apparently doesn’t care about yucky dog germs.) She also makes me work hard, and teaches me things, like touching my nose to some strange rubber-ended stick that I would really rather bite, but am not allowed to. I don’t get it.
For the record, humans are really odd creatures…but it’s obvious they love me…so it’s all good.
Bandit ll     (yes, that’s right. I have letters behind my name.)
Submitted by our awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raising family the Swansons,  as dictated by our fantastic PADS puppy, Bandit II.