What a fun and amazing month I had! As Mum was out of town and Dad was sitting PADS VIP Zumba plus 3 little grandkids, I had a lovely long visit with some amazing sitters and my little buddy Nala. We had lots of really fun outings and some amazing training. Mum was so proud of me when she read updates from my sitters! The day after I came home we left for two weeks of camping, and it just so happens that the best beach at the lake is in an off leash area, so I got to play with lots of dogs and greeted a ton of little kids and other people on the beach. I also got to spend some time with some of my favourite people who I really love. We had lots of practice at my awesome recalls, coming to heel or side from a distance, and holding my durations from a distance.

My sitters told me I was a good girl all the time and I had so much fun hanging with Nala in the yard and the pool and training with her. My sitters took me everywhere on the bus, to the mall, grocery shopping, swimming in the creek next to their house then when it was time to be quiet and settled they snuggled with us on the floor while we were comfy on our beds.

Submitted by: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux