Betty Oct 2015 IMG_0013 smlOctober was a very busy and fun month.  I took part in a Destressing session at Elim Housing, where staff could come to see the visiting PADS dogs and get some cuddles and calming vibes.  I joined some of the grandkids in the family at Great Escapes kids play area, which was busy and loud with kids everywhere, but I was very good.  Another hockey game was also on the agenda, and, of course, Halloween.  There were some very strange people that came to our house but I was just very curious and loved going to the door so often.  Fireworks were very loud and annoying and I slept through most of them.

Submitted by our incredible PADS Puppy-in-Training, Betty, and her PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Linda & Ken Osada.