BISON has spent most of August at the PNE with the SuperDogs. Every day he works hard on his loose leash walking in the very high distraction environment (so many new dogs!). Bison continues to practice his default ‘leave it’, working very hard to not scavenge the many delicious things that can be found on the ground in the arena and around the Fair. He is working hard on his impulse control, especially around all his new dog and human friends. His favorite thing to do during his free time is visit all his new friends!

  • Skills being learned: Impulse control for greetings and around food and other valuable things found on the ground, loose leash walking in high distraction environments.
  • Recent field trips: PNE, SuperDogs shows and backstage, various other training field trips.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Separation anxiety, barrier frustration, scavenging foreign objects.
  • Potential career path: AFD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Bison!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Dana Gallagher