Life has changed for us with the pandemic and the arrival of spring. We have been enjoying long walks together every day, polishing Blaze’s loose leash walking, and practicing ignoring other dogs, ducks, cats, squirrels, geese. For the most part Blaze resists trying to pull toward other dogs, and although he is certainly interested in other critters he doesn’t try to chase them. We also like to find spots where there are no people or other dogs, and no traffic , then we practice long distance durations. Blaze thinks that is great fun!
We miss going to puppy class, and Blaze is perplexed by my paying so much attention to my iPad when working with him, and with doing his stuff over and over again, trying to get video of his homework. Part of this week’s homework is “It’s yer choice”, where he has to ignore a treat or treats in my hand before I give him one. He is very , very good at this, and even when I kicked up the challenge to a handful of cheddar cheese, he looked at my hand, then looked away and totally ignored my handful of cheese. He has seen this movie many times before!!
We have learned that Blaze likes to garden. He’s a nosey Parker -if I am down on the ground, intent on pulling up little weeds (and big ones!) there must be something really interesting about them, so he has his nose right down in the weed patch and when he lifts his head his muzzle is covered with dirt. He also has to periodically inspect my bucket of weeds, and occasionally after admiring the latest flower pot I have put together I have caught him gently reach out to chomp off a little bit of a flower!! Not so amusing!! Besides being a gardener, Blaze is a love muffin, so he likes to snuggle up with me on my gardening mat, which is quite charming, but not at all helpful because I can’t weed and snuggle at the same time. Good of him though to let me keep a small corner of MY garden met to kneel on!! Ah Blaze – you are the sweetest soul!!!

Submitted By:Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux