August was a big exciting month for me. Mum and I did lots of interesting walks all over the place as we were “moving for PADS”. That gave us lots of opportunity to polish my loose leash walking and to work on dog distraction. We had more work on dog distraction and relaxing around other dogs when we sat Bessie, the last PADS dog that lived here, and at the same time we sat two of Mum and Dad’s grand-doggers for a few days. Best of all though, we went camping for 17 days, and the best beach at the campground is in the off leash area, so I got to play with lots of other dogs. I don’t swim much, but the weather was really hot so I cooled off with a few swims, and I loved to run in the water. There was a big log sticking out of the water and I had lots of fun walking up the log then jumping off the end. Mum built a nice shelter so my little buddy and I could have snoozes in the shade. In the evenings we had nice campfires. I wanted to lay right up close to the fire but Mum kept pulling me away. She was worried that I would get my coat singed. My kennel wouldn’t fit in our tent trailer but mum built a cozy “kennel” out of x-pens under the table so I had a nice warm bed for those chilly mountain nights.

Submitted by Puppy Raiser Nola Chanroux