August was a super fun month for me. Mum and I did a pile of walking, putting in even more steps than usual. We participated in the MOVEFORPADS fundraiser, and happily, thanks to some lovely generous people who donated to our page, we met our goal!! One of our commitments was to walk the 25 km POCO Perimeter Trail. We had some very nice walks there, but that effort got interrupted because Mum is navigationally challenged and we got lost for hours trying to find the trail and bridge to cross the Coquitlam River back to our car!! We almost decided to wade across the river! That put us behind schedule, so we didn’t complete the whole 25 km on time. Some nice PADS friends joined us one morning to walk the Colony Farm segment of the trail but we still have to tackle the last bit.
My little girlfriend ex-PADS Bessie came to stay with us for a week. She’s a sharp one and she still remembers all of her cues. We went on a mini camping trip to Stawamus Chief to learn the ropes in a 40 year old motorhome that Mum and Dad bought. It was pretty comfy. We had planned to walk to the top of the chief, but Mum didn’t know that we needed to have a permit, so we just explored some of the lower trails. A week after that we went camping to beautiful Birkenhead Lake. It was lots of fun to run around on the beach with all the other dogs. I even met two other PADS dogs there! The best beach at the park is in the dog off leash area! It was great!! Camping wasn’t all play though. I practiced my cues, and had lots of walks, even after midnight when all was quiet. The stars up there in the mountains are sure bright! Mum was so proud of me for not once trying to chase all the squirrels and chipmunks.