This has been an exciting month for me with lots of socializing and lots of play. I was a really good boy at the PADS Christmas party, despite all the other dogs that were there. I really wanted to play, but Mum and I thought my manners were very good. Mum and I went to one of the grandkids’ band concerts, and I was fine with all the tooting, banging and occasional squeaks. Then my good friend Whimsy and our Mums walked around Lafarge Lake to look at all the beautiful lights. We practiced our go ins in an igloo made of lights! Best of all, Mum and Dad’s last puppy, Bessie, came to stay with us for three weeks, so we have had lots of fun playing together, although sometimes Mum had to remind us of our house manners. I love my kennel though, so didn’t mind having a few time outs! The whole family came for Christmas dinner, so I had five doggie friends to play with that day. I must have been a good dog because Santa put a reindeer stuffy and some delicious hi value treats in my stocking. I like to make Mum happy each morning, and she tells me that our special morning cuddles are the best part of her day. As soon as I come out of my kennel each morning, I run to the top of the landing and lay down at the edge, then wait for Mum to come and sit on the top step. Then we have the best cuddles ever before we continue with our day.
Just before Christmas I graduated from puppy kindergarten into beginners, so I am looking forward to learning lots of new things in class. Nicole was a great teacher, and I especially loved her because she let me help her to demonstrate some things in class, and she had good treats!!!
Well folks, Mum and I wish you a very Happy New Year.

Submitted by puppy raiser Nola Chanroux