Well, it was an interesting month. One day Mum and Dad and I went to Knapps and looked at a whole bunch of trees, then they put a big tree into the back of the van with me!!! When we got home they wrestled it into our house and stood it up in a stand full of water which I wanted to drink from. Mum cut a few branches off the bottom but wouldn’t let me chew them up!! Most exciting though was that Mum brought out several stuffie bears to set around the livingroom, AND a stuffie dog in a red hat who kept barking the same songs that Mum kept singing. I tried to play with him, but after Mum told me “MINE!” I just sniffed him and looked at him. I knew that Mum wouldn’t want me to play with the stuffie bears either so I left them alone. Then the lights and ornaments came out. I checked it all over as Mum was decorating the tree, and gently tried to take one stuffed felt ornament off the tree, but Mum told me “MINE” again, so after that I didn’t try to take any ornaments. I did however often get up close to study and sniff the ornaments. Mum told me what a good boy I am. She was also really pleased with me that I didn’t try to take any of the wood or kindling from the woodpile beside the fireplace, which is also beside my favourite bed!! And I do so LOVE to try chewing sticks!! I was such a good boy that Santa Paws left a new nylabone and some high value treats in my stocking, for me to find on Christmas morning. I love to chew my new toy, but I share it with my little buddy Tobi when he comes over.
Two of my little human buddies came to stay with us for a few days when they were out of school before Christmas. They are so much fun to have around, especially when they give me treats for doing my cues for them. I like to cuddle up with them to have a nice tummy rub.
Mum and I have been working on some special exercises to help me disengage from distractions in the environment. They are also to help keep me calm. I’m already really calm, except for when I see other big dogs that I want to play with! I will be happy when the days start to get longer and the rain stops so we can go on nice long walks without getting soaked. The silver lining to that raincload though is that Mum dries me with her hair drier, which I love!! I love it so much that even if I’m not wet, I ask her to dry me too when she dries her own hair.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

Submitted by Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux