Besides all our usual errands, shopping trips, and bi-weekly destressing visits to e-comm, we went to a destressing event at SFU where Blaze enjoyed lots of lovin’ from many students and staff. We also went to Pet Expo and saw lots of exotic birds, reptiles and even a llama. We took Grandma to her dentist and Blaze did a lovely, although very watchful, GO IN under my chair as we sat four feet away from a large cage containing a cockatoo and a parrot who was talking to us! Afterwards we had lunch with Grandma at her old folks home and Blaze impressed everyone with how well mannered he was as he lay quietly under the table. Lots of old folks came up to enjoy a polite greeting with Blaze.

It was a musical month for Blaze. We went to a jam at a pub and were entertained in our own living room by my cousin and her partner playing guitar and singing, while Blaze snuggled down on his cushion by the fire, waiting patiently for more lovin’ from them. It was quite entertaining to watch Blaze at a VSO concert. Fleetwood Park Secondary concert band (who are very good by the way) played a prelude concert in the lobby of Bell Centre. With no acoustics, all the sounds bounced off the hard walls, and it was loud, but Blaze sat up in his front row seat and watched attentively, ears twitching, cocking and moving to catch all the different sounds coming from every direction. He did startle a few times when there were loud cymbal crashes and some other load noises from the band, but he settled well, and even got to meet a nice lady who had given a large endowment to the music program. Blaze settled very well in a lovely go in for the duration of the VSO concert in the Bell Centre.

Blaze has made huge strides in walking on metal grates. We are working on durations and “here” cue and he thinks it is great fun to hold his sit on one side of a bridge (covered with expanded metal anti slip grating), while I walk to the other side of the bridge, wait a while, then call him. He does a perfect “HERE”, then wags his tail as we walk along to the next duration challenge.

Blaze is my pride and joy and I love him so much!

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux