Well, I for one am getting tired of winter and tired of covid19. Mum and I usually go out for long walks each day, even if it’s raining but it’s so much nicer if it’s a sunny day. One day we were out for our walk and kept getting bonked on the head with hail, but it turned to pouring rain by the time we got home. The consolation is that when I’m really soaked Mum will dry me with her hair drier, which I absolutely LOVE! We are starting to see signs of spring with pretty flowers blooming all over the place. Now that I’m a big dog I have decided to not chomp the blossoms off the flowers anymore. We can’t wait for camping season to arrive!!
We don’t hang out at the dog parks very much any more as we have been working really hard on my not trying to pull toward other dogs when I’m on leash. Mum keeps telling me that I make her so proud and happy when I look at other dogs, then look at her and we just continue on our way. Mum is also pretty cautious about cougars and coyotes so we aren’t going to some of our favourite haunts lately. One day a big coyote crossed the trail just ahead of us!
We don’t hang out at the mall very much either these days, as we are trying to keep away from crowds. We do like to check the food courts for food on the floor so I can be a good boy and ignore it, but we have decided it’s a waste of time because the floors are just too clean these days!! We regularly see three of our beloved friends and family, who are in our bubble, but we really miss having people over, and really miss weekly in person puppy classes that were so much more fun than virtual classes with Mum, me and Mum’s ipad!! But there’s light at the end of the tunnel! I am really looking forward to sitting two of my little grandboys during spring break. They are so much fun and they like to train me and give me treats!

Submitted by Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux