January was a busy month for us. I had so much fun playing with Bessie when she stayed with us for three weeks in December and January. She helped to teach me that open grates aren’t so scary to walk on after all, and that treats happen when we walk on grates. I don’t much like getting pawdicures but when I watched Bessie having a pawdicure and getting a treat for every toenail clip, I wanted in on that action too!!! Then when Mum was helping to give Evie a pawdicure, and pushing me out of the way, that was really too much – WHAT ABOUT ME!! So now I’m getting pretty good at letting Mum do my nails.
When I first saw all the snow I thought it looked kind of dangerous, so I was very careful about stepping on it, but then I discovered it was a pile of fun!! We made a bunch of paths through the snow in our yard, then did some training. I thought it was a lot of fun helping Mum dig the snow. She shovelled the snow then I waited for her to throw the snow off the deck so I could run away from every scoop that flew off the deck. Mum didn’t seem very appreciative of my digging efforts, even though I got all the way down to the grass and dirt!!
Mum and Dad and I went to a concert featuring Claire Lawrence & Bill Henderson of Chilliwack, and Sherri Ulrich, along with some of their daughters. There were some pretty amazing musicians there, and a LOT of very happy people with grey hair, or not much hair at all, or shiny spots on the back of their head, but all with huge smiles on their faces, especially when all of our favourite songs were played. I slept quietly most of the time, but once in a while I sat up to watch the show, and although Mum was very vigilant, one time I just couldn’t resist resting my nose on the shoulder of the lady in front of us, and another time I kissed her husband’s ear. They seemed to be very charmed though! A lot of people admired me and said what a good dog I am, especially when Mum and I found a corner to practice some of my cues while we waited for the doors to open.
Mum and I have visited a lot of wineries this month. I didn’t get to drink any wine, but I got lots of petting and admiration from a lot of nice people, Mum had lots of wine samples, and we brought home lots of wine donations for PADS gala.
Mum often tells me how proud and happy I make her. She really likes how responsive I am to light pressure on my collar and leash, and she is really pleased with how well I am learning my latest homework assignments of “go in” and “here”.
I also went to the dentist with Mum for the first time and everyone was impressed with how well I held my sit and down while she was in the chair. Mum and Dad’s dentist don’t like it if they show up without a PADS dog, so I will be able to keep Mum and Dad in the dentist’s good books for the next year or so. I guess they like my sparkling clean white teeth, and they must be proud of me for liking to get my teeth brushed every day!

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux