July was a big month for me! My litter mates and I turned one year old and went to a fun birthday party where we had lots of yummy pupper treats and our people had lots of yummy fattening treats that some of the raisers brought. Mum and Dad went away and left me with a sitter for 6 days. I kept a close eye on them while they were getting ready because I knew something was up when they hauled out a whole bunch of gear. I was happy when the big day came and they brought me along, snuggled in with their carload of gear. Then we went on the ferry where lots of people admired me and said what a good, calm, handsome boy I am. I liked my sitters right from the first moment. They are really nice and happy and they had a nice bowl of fresh, cold water, toys and a bed waiting for me. We went for lots of walks on the beach where I got to play with other dogs. They have the best place – their back yard is the beach!! Mum and Dad told Carol that I don’t like to swim, and just like to wade in the water up to my shoulders, but when they phoned the first evening to check up on me Carol told them that I had been swimming with one of my new dog friends. Dad was delighted and couldn’t wait to take me swimming when we got home. It sure feels good to go swimming in this hot weather – cools me off better than flopping out on the floor with my mouth open!
The grandkids came for a four day sleepover. I love it when they come because I love kids, and especially the grandkids who like to “train” me and give me treats for obeying simple cues.
Puppy classes are still pretty dull with me sleeping or looking out the window while Mum watches her iPad for an hour or so twice a week. Then we work on basics so my good manners and behaviour will be solid when I go to advanced training one day. The current module is about dog to dog interactions. When little Cardero came over for a play date in our back yard I played really nicely with him, and even went to find a stick to tease him with before I finally let him take the stick away from me. I also try to play with my parents‘ grand-dogger, but he guards my toys a lot, so I just shrug it off, let him have the toys, run around with him a bit then we have a snooze together. I let him have my cushion and I am happy to have the floor! >Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux