July has been a hot and fun month. Mum and I have been walking a lot, as we are committed to minimum 10,000 Mum steps per day in MOVEFORPADS fundraiser huntil the end of August, and will likely continue after that. As it’s been so hot we have been having lots of evening and night time walks and have gone on lots of walks where I can have refreshing swims. It took me a while to realize how much I love swimming!! Laura and Reese showed us a new walk with lots of little lakes, and boy did we ever have fun on that walk. I can’t wait to swim with Mum and Dad when we go camping. When we go on these walks my dog distraction is REALLY good, and I can usually hold it together when I see a squirrel. Bunnies are still a challenge – sometimes I can calmly walk past a bunny but if they run and hop away from us I can get pretty excited. When I see cats I want to go and greet them, but most of them aren’t as sociable as the nice friendly cat at Bosleys who lets me lick and sniff him.
I am really happy that we have resumed in person puppy classes. It’s great to practice my skills and manners with other dogs around us, and I really like our instructor Tracy! We have been having weekly get togethers with a bunch of my PADS buddies. I can’t wait for August when released Pads dog Bessie will be staying with us for a whole week!! We will have so much fun!
Keep cool folks and enjoy the rest of summer.

Submitted by puppy raiser Nola Chanroux