Mum and I are very happy that things are opening up again with this covid business, so she doesn’t leave me behind as much. We still have lots of long walks together, and I am happy to be in my kennel when she doesn’t take me, especially if I get a stuffed Kong, but I was so sad when Mum went out and told me I had to wait at home with Dad. The downside of that is that sometimes Mum’s errands are kind of boring, like the other day when we had to wait in line for half an hour to get into MEC. Mum thought that was a great opportunity to practice durations, ho-hum, but we also practiced heel and side, and I made lots of people smile and say what a good dog I am! Yesterday we had to wait for 70 minutes to get into the bank! Sometimes I nod off when holding a duration. Mum was happy when we were able to go to the food fair at the mall and to Walmart to practice ignoring food on the floor, but we have been quite disappointed because they are being way to clean these days, so it’s hard to find any food to avoid! Mum spotted one crumb on the floor at the food fair the other day and she was taking me over to avoid it when the attendant snapped it up right before our eyes! I guess we will have to start bringing our own goodies to avoid – sigh!! But Mum was delighted yesterday when we found a whole bag of gummy worms spilled right beside the car door when we were loading at the mall – I looked at it, then I looked at Mum, sat and did a “car”. I also managed to do a “go in“ right beside a French fry when we went for lunch at the pub. It was tough to not try and grab it, but I was a good boy and finally Mum took that temptation away and gave me a treat and nice ear scratch.
I will be happy when we go back to in person puppy classes. They were fun with all the other people and pups practicing good puppy manners etc. Puppy classes since covid are pretty dull with Mum on her iPad while I hang out. I often have to go check out why somebody keeps saying “yes”, when I haven’t even done a good thing, but I’m hopeful that it means there will be a treat for me if I go to Mum. We are working on practicing lots of basics, so my good puppy manners will be rock solid.

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux