Blaze continues to be a delightfully calm and affectionate pup and is doing well with all of his cues. His two morning cuddles which he wants even before going outside or having breakfast give a happy start to my days.
Then he patiently waits at the kitchen doorway while I prepare my breakfast, confident that he will soon get his morning piece of banana.

We love our daily walks, and Blaze will help motivate me to walk about 8 km per day to fulfill our commitment to the MOVE 2021 fundraiser. Along the way we will continue working on Blaze’s durations and perfecting his loose leash walking which is already pretty darned good! It’s hard to believe he is nearly two years old. I guess time flies when you are having fun. We look forward to camping and spending lots of time at our happy place where the best beach just happens to be at the off leash area. Blaze has found his inner retriever and now loves swimming!

Blaze and I think that they should have a dog at the blood donor clinic. He sat quietly at my side, muzzle resting on my leg during my donation. All the staff make a big fuss over him, and the other donors gaze longingly at him with big smiles on their faces.

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux