March was a fun month for me. Mum and I had lovely long walks in lots of different parks. Two of my little grand-boys stayed with us for two weeks during spring break. There wasn’t much peace and quiet but we had fun together and the boys liked to “train” me and give me treats. We went on some fun outings with the boys riding their bikes while Mum and I walked. Best of all, Kamari visited with us for 11 days. It was great to have another dog to play with and to snuggle up with. Kamari and I got along really well. I shared my bed and toys with her and even let her join me in getting treats while we practiced some of my cues. Mum had to put away Octopus, my favourite toy, because a couple times we started to play tug with it. I was so happy to get Octopus back that I fell asleep with her in my mouth! When the boys went home my little grand-girl came to visit for a couple of days so I got lots of treats and tummy rubs! I didn’t get to play with my little buddy Tobi for about a week. He smelled strange! His house and his Mum and Dad smelled a bit strange also. Mum’s hands were a bit stinky for a while too after she helped wash Tobi. Mum says it’s because Tobi got skunked!! Now I understand why Mum never lets me go out in the yard without a leash once it gets to be dusk!!
I am getting really good at engage/disengage when I see squirrels, bunnies and other dogs, and Mum is really happy wih my loose leash walking. My class homework this week is to walk nicely while Mum balances an easter egg in a spoon. Easter eggs are cooked, right??
Happy Spring everyone!

Submitted by Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux