The longer we have Blaze, the more delightful we find him! Our morning cuddle is still the best time of day, and it warms my heart that for him, our cuddle takes priority over toileting and even breakfast. It’s a joy! Blaze is very affectionate and loves to be close to us. Even when I am down on the ground gardening, he will snuggle into me on my gardening mat.
I really miss taking Blaze with me everywhere during covid, but there are a few garden stores, hardware stores etc who allow dogs in without their capes. With physical distancing guidelines, we have had more time to enjoy many long walks, in fact, with all the extra activity, we had to increase Blaze’s food intake as he was getting too slim. Puppy classes have been on line, and training has been focused on basics. We have been practicing Blaze’s “ Bed” cue, and most recently on his immediately going to his bed when the door bell rings. I had to laugh when after only three repeats of having him go to his bed when the doorbell rang, he ran to bed as soon as he saw me reach for the doorbell! One of our homework assignments has been to play with our dogs inside and in the yard, in order to help build our bond. One of our favourite games is to have Blaze hold a sit or down duration while we go hide, then he has to come and find us.
We have had a lot of activity and clatter on our street this month as workers with a lot of noisy, heavy equipment have been tearing up our street to build sidewalks, add extra parking, install, extra street lights. Blaze likes to watch all the activity , but never shows anything but interest, and never barks or whines at all the goings on.

Submitted by puppy raiser Nola Chanroux