Now that I’m nearly two years old and it’s nearly summer, with lots of hot sunny days, I have decided that I LOVE WATER. I have always liked to do a bit of wading, but now the water calls to me, so I jump in for lots of little swims and a few big swims. I really surprised Mum a while back when we were having a nice off leash walk near a creek that we like to go to. I jumped in and had the longest swim. Mum was worried that I couldn’t find my way out but finally I came out of the water, ran to Mum, shook myself off, then ran back to the creek to continue my swim. It was wonderful!! Mum didn’t seem to appreciate my efforts to cool her off, but she was very happy to see how much fun I was having. We are really looking forward to camping this summer as our favourite campground has THE BEST beach at the off leash area. We spent a nice afternoon at Hayward Lake with the family. I lay quietly by the picnic table and didn’t even try to eat some cheezies that the kids spilled on the ground!
Mum has been busy getting our veggie garden planted and taking care of our Saskatoon bush and raspberry patch. The berries aren’t ready yet, but like last summer I will keep an eye on them so I can have some of those delicious berry snacks!!
I had the best three day visit with Mary and Dave while Mum was doing some intensive gardening. They are so nice, and took me to on some great adventures to Pacific Spirit Park. They said I was a good boy for them. Mum and I went for a Walk and Talk session with our trainer one day. She was pretty happy with my performance overall, and had some good suggestions for a couple of my challenges. One of those challenges is that those pesky coyotes often run past my house and have sometimes even come into my yard. I got very upset when I saw them going between our house and the neighbour’s house and ran back and forth between the livingroom window and the back patio, trying to keep sight of them. In her excitement, it took a while for Mum to calm me down. One of our trainer’s suggestions was for Mum to give me the BED cue when I see coyotes. It worked!!! Mum was so happy and proud of me when I went from agitation over coyotes to settling down on my bed as soon as she asked me to!!

Happy June everyone!!

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux